Every business eventually finds itself faced with a plethora of potential compliance, risk, legal, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), and management issues. And Alyson, as an experienced attorney, executive, and board member, has a proven track record of providing valuable legal, business, and real-world advice to both businesses and law firms of all sizes and backgrounds. She is comfortable working with and advising boards, executives, human resource teams, and legal practice groups.

Executive and Board Experience:

Member of the Advisory Board for Smokey Hawk Solitons, an aerospace propulsion startup.

Chief of Strategy, Legal, and Operations for an #AuthenTech dating app. startup. (2021-2022)

Member of the Executive Committee for a group of privately held staffing and human resource companies. Providing compliance counseling, COVID protocol advice, business guidance, crisis management, and legal consulting. (2019-2021)

Consulting Experience:

Legal Advisor for Jus Ad Astra.

Mentor at the REC Innovation Lab. (2021)

Providing employment focused litigation consultations and case assessments to an upstart small law firm in Southern California. (2021)

Looking for a member for your Board of Directors or Advisory Board? Seeking executive level counseling for your business? Or looking for confidential consultations for your law firm?

Email: alyson@alysonclairelaw.com