Most startups and growing businesses need legal help. However, they do not need a full-time general counsel… yet. But what they do need is a legal counsel who is committed to their company. Who they can build a long-term relationship with. Who will have the institutional knowledge to know whether a particular legal strategy fits with the goals of the company. And they need someone who will not only be looking out for their company, but thinking ten steps ahead.

Alyson utilizes her background as an experienced general counsel, executive, and board member to provide that elite level of attention, guidance, and legal leadership that all growing businesses need. But, she does so on a fractional and project by project basis, splitting her time between a select handful of innovative, diverse, and entrepreneurial driven companies.

What can Alyson do for you?

Contracts - Development, drafting, review, negotiations, and lifecycle management.

Compliance - Are you sure that’s legal? It may seem totally normal, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t running afoul of some law or regulation, Alyson will find out if it is okay to do what you want to do.

Employment - Agreements, NDAs, handbooks, policies, investigations, audits, trainings, DEI, etc.

Risk Assessments - Business advice from a legal point of view, decisional analysis and strategy based on emerging legal trends, and liability analysis.

General Corporate - Basically all the little odd and ends, from working with the board of directors, to protecting trade secrets, to the boring corporate paperwork, to crisis management, etc.

Litigation - Including pre-litigation, internal investigations, agency investigations and actions, responding to and sending demand letters, settlement discussions and mediations, and either personally handling or managing outside counsel (where appropriate) on all civil actions and arbitrations involving the company.

What options are available?

  • Hit It and Quit It Projects

  • Ad Hoc Monthly Advisory Assistance

  • Legal Seed Tier - Equivalent to a 1/5th to 1/4th share of a General Counsel

  • Part-Timer Tier - Equivalent to a 1/3rd share of a General Counsel

  • Counselor Tier - Equivalent to a Half Share of a General Counsel

  • Hourly

Representative clients include:

  • Full Ritúal

  • International RXM SaaS Company

  • Aerospace and Defense Company

  • Fertility Treatment Support App.

  • Travel Gamification Experience App.

  • Medical Scribe Service Startup

  • Bookkeeper

  • Interior Designer

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