Most startups and growing businesses need legal help.  However, they do not need a full-time general counsel… yet.  But what they do need is a legal counsel who is committed to their company.  Who they can build a long-term relationship with.  Who will have the institutional knowledge to know whether a particular legal strategy fits with the goals of the company.  And they need someone who will not only be looking out for their company, but thinking ten steps ahead.  

Alyson utilizes her background as an experienced general counsel, executive, and board member to provide an elite level of legal services on a fractional and project by project basis. And she works solely with a carefully selected handful of innovative, diverse, and entrepreneurial driven companies.

What can Alyson Claire Law do for you?

Contracts - Drafting, reviewing, revising, and negotiating commercial, SaaS, vendor, NDA, MSA, terms of service, employment, and other types of agreements.

Compliance - Are you sure that’s legal?  We’ll let you know if it is okay to do what you want to do and, if it isn’t, we’ll figure out  how to legally get you where you want to be.  (Also includes working with product development teams.)

Employment - From wage and hour compliance to confidentiality agreements, from handbooks to developing workplace policies and auditing HR practices, from investigations to trainings, including implicit bias, DEI, and civility.  Alyson does it all.

Risk Assessments - Business advice from a legal point of view, decisional analysis and strategy based on emerging legal trends, and liability analysis.

General Corporate - Basically all the little odd and ends, from working with your board of directors, to protecting your trade secrets, to the boring corporate paperwork, and much, much, more.

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