Alyson has litigated in state and federal courts across the country, sat on both sides of the table as counsel for Plaintiffs and counsel for Defendants, conducted internal and third-party investigations, and handled cases ranging from employment, wage and hour, class actions, entertainment, antitrust, business, contract, real estate, complex, trademark, trade secret, high profile celebrity cases, and appellate. She is also a member of the Association of Workplace Investigators.

If it involves litigation or investigations, Alyson has seen it, done it, and has the war stories to prove it.

Noteworthy Defense Wins:

Alyson obtained numerous four-and-five-figure settlements of heavily contested individual employment law cases.

Alyson resolved several legacy wage and hour class action and PAGA cases in the low to mid 100k range.

Alyson negotiated a pre-motion for summary judgment settlement of $2,500 on behalf of two defendants in a breach of contract case with claimed damages of between six and seven figures.

Alyson successfully demurred to (granted without leave to amend) and opposed a motion to stay in a case involving two well-known toy companies and alleged fraudulent transfers.

We aren't saying she wrote the book on trials... but she did author the practice guide update.

Significant Plaintiff Victories:

Alyson has obtained numerous six and seven figure settlements in various employment law matters.

Alyson obtained a six figure settlement after winning a motion for remand and successfully opposing a motion to dismiss in a retaliation and race discrimination case involving an international carryout chain restaurant.

Alyson successfully blocked the distribution of a sex tape and obtained stay away orders for a celebrity client.

Alyson prepared all the appellate briefing and obtained a $3.5 million settlement in a class action legal malpractice case after the matter was dismissed with prejudice in the District Court and briefing and oral argument had been completed before the Ninth Circuit.

Currently accepting High-End Plaintiff matters and Bespoke Defense cases. Also available for third-party investigations.