Alyson uses her years of experience as a litigator, practicing on both the Plaintiff and Defense sides, and her formal mediation training from the Los Angeles County Bar Association and the Center for Civic Mediation to work with counsel and their clients to reach a joint resolution of their disputes.

Alyson tempers her no holds barred honest assessment of a party's claims and defenses with a compassionate touch because, truth be told, every dispute becomes personal to the parties involved in it.

Types of Cases Mediated:

  • Employment Matters

    • Discrimination

    • Harassment

    • Wrongful Termination/Retaliation

    • Wage and Hour

  • Business Disputes

  • Civil Litigation

    • Complex Cases

Alyson conducts both full and half-day private mediations and can accommodate litigants who need to schedule mediations on short notice or on weekends.

For availability and rates, please email: