The Space Race is entering into a new era of private exploration, innovation, and commercialization. And as this industy changes, the laws governing space as we know it, and space as we will make it, are currently being created and developed.

Space Law is truly the final frontier of the law and you will find Alyson there, right where Space Law and Employment Law intersect.

Upcoming Speaking Events:

5th Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium

Northern Illinois University Law Review 2022 Symposium on Sustainable Developments in Space Law

Past Speaking Events:

"Human Rights in Space - The Right to Health" - November 2021 Panel for the 2021 ASCEND Conference - Building Our Off-World Future

Board Experience:

Member of the Advisory Board for Smokey Hawk Solitons, an aerospace propulsion startup.

Consulting Experience:

Legal Advisor for Jus Ad Astra.



You can also catch Alyson in the Clubhouse Human Rights and Outer Space Room, hosted by Small Steps & Giant Leaps, every other Wednesday @ 2:00 p.m. PST.

Need a Space Attorney? Want help creating your Space Employment Policies? Looking for a Space Law Consultant, Keynote Speaker, or Adjunct Professor?