The Space Race is entering a new era of private exploration, innovation, and commercialization. As this industy changes, the laws governing space as we know it, and space as we will make it, are currently being created and developed. And Alyson is there, traversing this final frontier of the law, both writing and presenting on jurisdicition, on creating a space legacy for future generations, and on the intersection of space law and employment law.

And Alyson Claire Law is here to handle both your terrestrial and extraterrestrial legal needs, working with aerospace companies and organizations of all sizes.

Aerospace Board Experience:

Member of the Advisory Board for Smokey Hawk Solitons, an aerospace propulsion startup. (April 2021 to Present)

Aerospace Consulting Experience:

Legal Advisor for Jus Ad Astra. (May 2021 to Present)

Recent Speaking Events:

"A Human Future in Space", November 2022 Panel for the 4th International Humans in Space Summit 2022

"Space Law: Employment Law Edition", November 2022 Guest Speaker for the Student Bar Association at University of La Verne College of Law

"Outerspace Futurism", November 2022 Panel for the 2022 Commons in Space Virtual Conference (organized by the International Association for Study of the Commons)

"Space Commoners: Workers of the Future Space Commons", November 2022 Presentation with Co-Author Julia Malette for the 2022 Commons in Space Virtual Conference (organized by the International Association for Study of the Commons)

"Preserving Unspoiled Space for Future Generations", September 2022, Interactive Presentation at the 73rd International Astronautical Congress (organized by the International Astronautical Federation)

"Human Rights and Space Exploration", July 2022 "What impacts will space exploration and settlements have on Earth and beyond?" Webinar for Australian Earth Laws Alliance’s "Space Exploration: An Update for Earthlings"

"Women in Aerospace" - May 2022 Panel for The Task Force on Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Aerospace (organized by the Center for Air & Space Law and the Space Frontier Foundation)

"Working in Space: The Final Frontier of Remote Work" - April 2022 Northern Illinois University Law Review Symposium on Sustainable Developments in Space Law

"Vision for the Moon Village: Present" (Selected Presentations from Call for Papers & Round Table) - December 2021 Panel for the 5th Global Moon Village Association Workshop & Symposium

"Human Rights in Space - The Right to Health" - November 2021 Panel for the 2021 ASCEND Conference - Building Our Off-World Future

Space Law Publications:

"Preserving Unspoiled Space for Future Generations", 73rd International Astronautical Congress, Paris, France, 18-22 September 2022 (International Astronautical Federation), September 2022.


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