Alyson is an engaging Keynote Speaker, presenter, and panelist, and regularly speaks on various issues including employment law, space law, implicit bias, DEI, civility, and the ins and outs of litigation. She can tailor any presentation to fit the specific needs of an organization, from large corporate events and online webinars to small group workshops and even individual or executive focused trainings, including incident specific counseling and coaching.

Have PowerPoints, will travel!

Recent Presentations Include:

Continuing Legal Education:

"Filing and Certifying Class Actions" - October 2022 MCLE Program for CEB

"Defending Wage Claims: Opposing Class Cert" - October 2022 MCLE Program for CEB

"How to Prepare for a Successful Mediation" - April 2022 Virtual MCLE Presentation for Legal Up 2022 (organized by InfoTrack)

"Unconscious Bias in the Workplace" - January 2021 MCLE Webinar for The Ventura County Bar Association (Probate & Estate Planning Section)

"Bias in the Legal Workplace" - September 2019 MCLE Presentation for The Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law

"The Nuts & Bolts of Briefing" - September 2019 MCLE Presentation for the Santa Barbara Paralegal Association’s 10th Annual MCLE Conference

"VCPA 2019 Springtime MCLE Conference: Elimination of Bias" - March 2019 MCLE Presentation for the Ventura County Paralegal Association

"Bias at the Firm: Employment Law and the Law Firm" - November 2018 MCLE Webinar for CEB

"Motions for Summary Judgment" - September 2018 MCLE Presentation for The Basics Conference 2018: Employment Litigation

"Recognizing Bias in the Workplace: The 411 On Employment Law" - May 2018 MCLE Webinar for the San Fernando Valley Bar Association

Employment & Business Law Webinars, Workshops, and Trainings:

"Sole Proprietorship? Partnership? S Corp.? C Corp.? B Corp.? LLC? L(L)P? WTAF?!?" - November 2021 Presentation for a SmartBean Share & Learn Event: “Structure for Success”

"How to Handle a Complaint of Harassment or Discrimination Before It Becomes a Lawsuit" - April 2018 Webinar for Women in Health Administration of Southern California

Space Law:

"A Human Future in Space", November 2022 Panel for the 4th International Humans in Space Summit 2022

"Outerspace Futurism", November 2022 Panel for the 2022 Commons in Space Virtual Conference (organized by the International Association for Study of the Commons)

"Space Commoners: Workers of the Future Space Commons", November 2022 Presentation with Co-Author Julia Malette for the 2022 Commons in Space Virtual Conference (organized by the International Association for Study of the Commons)

"Preserving Unspoiled Space for Future Generations" - September 2022, Interactive Presentation at the 73rd International Astronautical Congress (organized by the International Astronautical Federation)

"Human Rights and Space Exploration" - July 2022 "What impacts will space exploration and settlements have on Earth and beyond?" Webinar for Australian Earth Laws Alliance’s "Space Exploration: An Update for Earthlings"

"Women in Aerospace" - May 2022 Panel for The Task Force on Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Aerospace (organized by the Center for Air & Space Law and the Space Frontier Foundation)

"Working in Space: The Final Frontier of Remote Work" - April 2022 Northern Illinois University Law Review Symposium on Sustainable Developments in Space Law

"Vision for the Moon Village: Present" (Selected Presentations from Call for Papers & Round Table) - December 2021 Panel for the 5th Global Moon Village Association Workshop & Symposium

"Human Rights in Space - The Right to Health" - November 2021 Panel for the 2021 ASCEND Conference - Building Our Off-World Future

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